2024 Young Professional Membership (Jan. – Dec. 2024)

2024 Young Professional Membership (Jan. – Dec. 2024)

$300.00 / year

AANG 2024 Young Professional 35 and Under Membership (Jan – December 2024)

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2024 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL 35 & UNDER Half-Year Individual Membership: Join AANG!

Individual Membership Benefits:

  • Your Name and Contact Info on Website: We will show your name on the AANG website www.accountantattorneynetworking.com with your firm name, your area of specialty or concentration, bio, photo, other contact information and a link to your website;
  • Breakfast Meetings: You may attend all monthly breakfast meetings we host each year exclusively for practicing accountants and practicing attorneys;
  • Long Island Cocktail Parties: You may also attend our dynamic networking events open to all professionals, which we will host in the spring and fall of this year
  • Substitution of Members at Breakfast Meetings Only: You may send another person from your firm to a breakfast as a substitute for you. Two caveats:
    • Your substitute under your Individual Membership must be from your firm; and
    • Your substitute under your Individual Membership must be a practicing accountant or attorney;
  • Members in the News: Members can request emails be sent to all Members about their activities. These activities can include presentations, new professional credentials/licenses obtained, announcements of promotions and other notable events.
  • Networking With Other Accountants and Attorneys: Invaluable networking opportunities at every event.
  • AANG LinkedIn Group: As an additional benefit to members, we will allow members to post the following: referrals for legal and accounting services, searches for subject matter experts, employment postings/opportunities, legal, technical and accounting questions
  • *In order to become a member of AANG, you must be a licensed and practicing attorney or accountant, servicing multiple clients.

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