2020 Small Firm Membership

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2020 Small Firm Membership

$425.00 for 6 months

AANG 2020 Firml Membership (July – December 2020)

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  • Two (2) Members’ Names and Contact Info on Website: We will separately show each of your two individual members’ names on the AANG Website with the Firm Name, their individual specialty or area of concentration, bio, photo, other contact
    information and a link to your website;
  • Substitution of Members at Breakfast Meetings Only: You may send any two people from your firm to the breakfasts or cocktail parties, including sending a substitute for one of the Firm Members.. Two caveats:
    • All attendees under your Small Firm Membership must be from the Company who holds the Small Firm Membership; and
    • All attendees under your Small Firm Membership must be practicing accountants or attorneys;
  • Breakfast Meetings: You may attend all monthly breakfast meetings we host each year exclusively for practicing accountants and practicing attorneys;
  • Long Island Cocktail Parties: You may also attend our dynamic networking events open to all professionals, which we host in the spring and fall of each year.
  • Members in the News: Members can request emails be sent to all Members about their activities. These activities can include presentations, new professional credentials/licenses obtained, announcements of promotions and other notable events.
  • Networking With Other Accountants and Attorneys: Invaluable networking opportunities at every event.
  • AANG ListServe: Email ListServe exclusive to members to post the following: referrals for legal and accounting services, searches for subject matter experts, employment postings/opportunities, legal, technical and accounting questions.

*In order to become a member of AANG, you must be a licensed and practicing attorney or accountant, servicing multiple clients.

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